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Roof Repairs and Maintenance

 There are few things more disruptive and unsafe to a business, or discouraging and costly to a homeowner or resident, than a roof leak. Uncontrolled water entering a building can create a safety risk to occupants and will cause damage to building finishes, furniture and equipment, and to the building owner’s reputation.

To most people, fixing a roof leak does not sound like a particularly complicated thing to do. Truth be told, it can be quite challenging! First the root cause of the leak must be properly identified. Then, the application of a long-term fix, requires a technician with the training and competence to address the specific system in place.

For these reasons, it is in the best interest of property managers, owners, and building occupants to engage a credible roof service company, like an affiliate of Roofing Corp of America. You can count on our team to be:

  • Responsive because we understand how disruptive roof leaks can be to your business or life,
  • Experienced on all roof systems, and trained on how to identify the source of a leak,
  • Authorized by all of the leading roofing system manufacturers to perform repairs under warranty, and
  • Prepared upon arrival with the tools and material to address the issue, temporarily or permanently. If a temporary repair is performed due to weather conditions or scope, the technician will schedule a return visit to perform the permanent repair.

The best way to protect against roof leaks and to ensure the long-term performance of your roof, is to engage in regular maintenance. In fact, most roofing material manufacturer warranties, demand that annual maintenance be performed by a trained roofing professional in order to keep your warranty in force. At Roofing Corp of America, we perform cost-effective Maintenance Programs for clients in all market segments that contribute to extending the life cycle of their installed roof assets.

Our Companies

WeatherShield Roofing
& Sheet Metal
WeatherShield Roofing & Sheet Metal was founded by Brandon Flowers in 2009 to service the Dallas/Fort Worth commercial and residential roofing markets.
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Roofing Group
Full-range commercial roofing and sheet metal contractor that has served the Southeast US from Atlanta since 2003.
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Roofing Company
The Bone Dry Roofing Company was founded in 2003 by Chad Collins and Travis Webb. Headquartered in Athens, Georgia,
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The Original
Roofing Company
Established in the 1960's, our company has seen over 50 years of commercial and residential roof tear-offs, installations.
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AAA Roofing
& Waterproofing
The leading Commercial / Industrial Roofing Contractor in the Western US with offices in California and Idaho
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Davco Roofing
& Sheet Metal
Davco Roofing & Sheet Metal was founded in 2008 by Dan Davis. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC
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Deer Park
Industry-leading and award-winning roofer in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky providing residential and commercial services including roof repairs and maintenance, roof replacements, new roof installations, and gutter fabrication and installation.
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Based in Macon, GA since 1926, Pittman Waller Roofing Company has served the commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing needs of its clients throughout middle Georgia.
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