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At Roofing Corp of America, we are proud to introduce RoofAdvantage 360™, a result of our collective expertise and commitment to exceptional roofing service. This program stands as more than just a service—it’s a comprehensive strategy designed to enhance and safeguard your roof’s performance, maximizing its lifespan.

Regardless of whether you oversee a single facility or an array of buildings, RoofAdvantage 360™ delivers an efficient, consistent, and superior solution for all your roofing requirements. The program is a compilation of four best-in-class services:

1. Defend 360 – Our proactive roof maintenance program, designed to extend your roof’s life and help you manage costs.
2. Respond 360 – A round-the-clock emergency leak repair service, ensuring that you have immediate help when you need it most.
3. Restore 360 – Focused on roof repair and improvements, this service aims to extend the life of your roof and maintain its warranty.
4. Report 360 – A comprehensive roof inspection service providing you with detailed reports and expert analysis to help plan for immediate and future needs.


And, thanks to our network of sister companies across the nation, you can rely on the same level of excellence wherever your properties are located. What sets RoofAdvantage 360™ apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence, which is shared by all the premier contractors that form the Roofing Corp of America. We’re not just offering a service—we’re providing access to the collective wisdom and unparalleled standards of some of the industry’s top contractors. With RoofAdvantage 360™, you’re getting more than a roofing service—you’re getting the assurance of a nationwide network of leading professionals dedicated to protecting your roof and everything it protects.

Our Companies

WeatherShield Roofing
& Sheet Metal
WeatherShield Roofing & Sheet Metal was founded by Brandon Flowers in 2009 to service the Dallas/Fort Worth commercial and residential roofing markets.
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Front Range Roofing Systems
Front Range Roofing Systems (FRRS) was founded in Greeley, Colorado in 1987, where it continues to be headquartered today.
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Roofing Group
Full-range commercial roofing and sheet metal contractor that has served the Southeast US from Atlanta since 2003.
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Roofing Company
The Bone Dry Roofing Company was founded in 2003 by Chad Collins and Travis Webb. Headquartered in Athens, Georgia,
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The Original
Roofing Company
Established in the 1960's, our company has seen over 50 years of commercial and residential roof tear-offs, installations.
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AAA Roofing
& Waterproofing
The leading Commercial / Industrial Roofing Contractor in the Western US with offices in California and Idaho
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Davco Roofing
& Sheet Metal
Davco Roofing & Sheet Metal was founded in 2008 by Dan Davis. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC
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Deer Park
Industry-leading and award-winning roofer in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky providing residential and commercial services including roof repairs and maintenance, roof replacements, new roof installations, and gutter fabrication and installation.
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Based in Macon, GA since 1926, Pittman Waller Roofing Company has served the commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing needs of its clients throughout middle Georgia.
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